Dr Helen Johnson

Research and Projects Consultant




Bespoke research projects: assimilation and analysis of information including recommendations for future steps

Production of Written Documents

Website content, annual reports, provision of information and advice, or any other required content

User and Client Profiles

Using qualitative techniques, understand your customers in relation to their beliefs, motivations and relationship to your brand or services

Project Development, Management and Evaluation

Support with envisioning and managing projects and post-project evaluation

Policy, Strategy and Capacity Building

 Monitoring and analysis of policy and practice relating to your organisation 

Development of policy, practice and strategy for your organisation

Stress Management and Coaching

Specialist in stress relief, life transitions and energy balance at:



HBJ Research is headed by Helen Johnson and supported by a team of experts, including designers and assistant researchers.

Helen Johnson has over ten years of experience in both businesses and charities at the level of project and organisational development, strategy, policy, capacity building, and production of written content and information


Research – Copywriting – Policy – Measuring impact, evaluation and development of service provision – Meaning, identity, interpretation – Preparation of annual reports and policy and practice documents for both businesses and charities – Restructuring and organisational development – Mapping change and transformation – Modelling interventions – Evaluation and monitoring of International and UK policy – Legal, equalities and human rights research – Lifestyle, stress, balance and change specialist

Helen Johnson Qualifications: Diploma in Methods of Social Research, PhD in Criminology, Fully Qualified Barrister (Trial Lawyer), experience in the Business and Charitable Sectors

About HBJ Research and Projects

Research and projects consultancy within the legal, social, charitable, and business sectors

Specialising in qualitative and mixed methodological research, designing and leading projects, and the use of innovative techniques that reach the core of how people think and feel about products, services, and their experiences



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